Speech First Is Fighting Back!

On April 29, 2024, Speech First filed a joint lawsuit against the Biden administration’s illegal Title IX regulation, along with Independent Women’s Forum, Parents Defending Education, and the states of Alabama, Georgia, Florida, and South Carolina.

This is a pivotal moment in our fight to protect students’ fundamental rights to free expression on college campuses across the country and the principles of free speech that our nation was founded upon.

Biden’s Title IX Rule is the beginning of the end of free speech in America.

Here’s why:

Title IX has brought an end to many injustices since it was enacted almost 50 years ago. However, bureaucrats have expanded the definitions of discrimination and harassment over the years in a way that has been harmful to students on campus.

  • It broadens the definition of ‘sex discrimination’ to include ‘sex stereotypes, sexual orientation, and gender identity,’ they are effectively compelling speech and punishing any resistance.”
  • Expressing opinions on controversial topics such as transgender ideology or LGBTQ+ rights could be grounds for a Title IX violation.
  • It could embolden universities to further restrict and regulate student speech, leading to a chilling effect on campus discourse.

What YOU Can Do:

If you are a student or you know a student who was punished or investigated under Title IX for misgendering or not using someone’s requested pronouns, or for any other form of constitutionally protected speech, tell us your story! The more we know your story the more we can amplify the message in the media and increase public awareness.

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