Speech First is a nonprofit membership organization that protects students’ free speech rights on college campuses across America through advocacy, litigation and education. We are seeking part-time and full-time interns for the spring semester to assist with research and outreach as we fight back against speech-censors and woke activists on campus who don’t adhere to the First Amendment.

The right candidate will have online research and investigative skills, show demonstrated ability in organizing and analyzing data, and possess a strong commitment to free speech.

Position Responsibilities:


  • Assist in filing formal records requests on behalf of Speech First and track responses.
  • Assist the Speech First Research Fellow with reports that focus on the coercive and censorious practices taking place on college campuses.
  • Help to research on the following threats to free speech on campus: mandated diversity training, viewpoint discrimination, Title IX, bias response teams, antisemitism and anti-Jewish efforts on campus, foreign influence on college campuses, and more.
  • Maintain updated data on the number and type of bias response teams at colleges across the country.
  • Contribute regular content to the Speech First blog.


  • Manage logistics for Executive Director campus speaking events centered around educating students about their speech rights.
  • Assist the Executive Director in finding speakers and topics for the Well Said podcast and in writing questions for Well Said guests.
  • Help identify college students to feature in our Student Spotlight articles.
  • Attend and represent Speech First at coalition meetings, events, and student conferences.

Required Experience

  • Online research skills; policy analysis a plus
  • Excellent writing skills
  • Previous involvement in a student group
  • Knowledge of WordPress a plus

Interested candidates should email their resume and cover letter to



One-year fellowship opportunity

Compensation: $40-$50k dependent on experience Remote Position, 30-40 hours/week

The Research and Reports Fellow will play a key role in managing Speech First’s research and data collection process as we aim to release ground-breaking reports in 2024.

Colleges and universities across the country are weaponizing speech and harassment policies to censor viewpoints that don’t align with their radical agenda. The use of vague and overbroad language in student handbooks enables university administrators to pick and choose which speech qualifies as a violation of policy. Our research is exposing just how wide-spread these anti-free speech trends have become in universities across the country.

Additionally, the establishment of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) departments in higher education are urging- and sometimes requiring- students to express public support for these divisive teachings. These attempts to coerce student speech and shut down opposing viewpoints violate the free speech rights of students. Speech First has already released two research reports touching on these issues, but more work must be done to uncover how far-reaching these anti-free speech policies have become.

Job Responsibilities include:

  • Manage Research Projects:
    • Identify research gaps in the free speech-higher ed field.
    • Remotely manage a team of interns to conduct open-source research and collect data on campus policies, DEI requirements, freshman orientation, and other related free speech issues.
    • Identify common themes, problematic trends, and red flags within the data and produce advanced research reports based on information collected.
  • Manage FOIA Campaigns:
    • Identify areas of interest for large-scale and small-scale records request campaigns.
    • Work with vendors remotely to collect and organize requests and responses.
    • Conduct analysis of all incoming data and identify trends useful for public reports.
    • Develop and write reports for public information campaigns based on collected information.
    • Work with development team to create content for fundraising proposals around campaigns.
  • Manage Publication and promotion of all research reports and surveys:
    • Manage creative and digital content around the publication of the reports.
    • Work with PR/Comms to develop press releases and talking points.

To apply for this one-year fellowship opportunity, please submit your resume to Mary Ellen Beatty at