DEI and Indoctrination Tip Line

Is there divisive politics or woke indoctrination in your freshman orientation, welcoming materials, or in the classroom? If so, send us the evidence and we’ll sound the alarm! 

At Stanford Law School, a Diversity Dean silenced a speaker she disagreed with politically. We helped students speak out – and she lost her job.

You can make a difference at YOUR SCHOOL too! 

Send us videos, pictures, handouts, or other documents using the web form below or email us at

(Note: Before recording a professor or administrator on campus, make sure you know if your state requires one party or two-party consent).

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    Upload any supporting orientation materials (pictures, handouts, or other .PDFs) to share with our team.

Support Speech First

Support Speech First

Speech First will fight for the First Amendment rights of students all over the country. Join the movement today!

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