Stanford Law

Bring Sanity back to Stanford Law: Remove DEI Dean Steinbach!

After Judge Stuart Kyle Duncan was shouted down at Stanford Law School and accosted by student protestors who oppose free speech, Stanford Law must FIRE the administrator responsible for escalating this event—the Associate Dean of DEI, Tirian Steinbach.

Not only did Dean Steinbach neglect to to bring civility to the event, she abused her position of power to encourage unruly student protesters and embarrass a federal judge, all while preventing him from sharing prepared remarks.

This is not a campus that stands for free expression, this is a campus that stands for the silencing of all those who oppose progressive DEI doctrine.

An apology is NOT enough. Stanford must take responsibility for allowing this to happen and demonstrate its renewed commitment to free speech and academic freedom. I urge Stanford to FIRE DEI Dean Steinbach immediately and hold student disrupters accountable for blocking Judge Duncan’s address.