Student Spotlight: Lauren Corrales

Psychological Warfare: Fighting DEI in the Classroom

  • “I have taken [several classes] in which I feel the goal is to make students hate America.”
  • “…being scared to speak out gives the other side more power and makes them look as if they run the world.”
  • “…the other side feels as though they are invincible and are immune to repercussions for their actions.”

Lauren Corrales

School: University of Houston

Major: Psychology

You’ve been forced to do projects and assignments surrounding Critical Race Theory and DEI in the classroom. In what ways do you think professors are using their class content to indoctrinate students?

I have had many professors whose number one goal was to indoctrinate us. I took a class called Social Health and Wellness where the professor was extremely radical, claiming that America was built off of racism. This professor also made us do a project in which we had to pick a racist policy from American history that caused discrimination towards any certain group. The professor then made us explain how this policy is still discriminating towards a certain group today and how the policy causes “disparities.” The professor then stated that this project should influence us to “vote a certain way” so we can get rid of the racist policies. This same professor brought in the book, “How to be an Antiracist” and parroted teachings straight from its pages- that if we don’t actively try to stop racism then we are racists and we are a part of the problem. This is one of several classes I have taken in which I feel the goal is to make students hate America.

You are a psychology major, and Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) is being heavily emphasized in many of your classes. How do you think this teaching will affect future generations of psychologists and their patients?

I think DEI will have a huge impact on the future of psychology. DEI will be heavily considered when hiring for jobs in psychology, which would mean that people may get the job based on their skin tone instead of their qualifications. I believe that the DEI agenda will cause future psychologists to be more narrow-minded instead of DEI’s alleged goal of fostering open mindedness. Even worse, teaching DEI to today’s psychology students will cause future therapists and counselors to categorize and view their patients in a political manner.

You were physically assaulted when leaving a Young Conservatives of Texas event on campus! Can you describe what happened and your reaction to this behavior?

The Young Conservatives of Texas student group hosted Matt Walsh on campus. There were protestors outside of the event which included many students and a local ANTIFA group. I was volunteering for the event so I had my YCT shirt on. As I was leaving the event with the other club members, a guy came up behind me, pulled my bag and caused me to step backwards. When he pulled my bag, he said “F**k you!” I responded, “God bless you.” He threatened to beat me up as he was walking away.

I was the only girl within the group and also there were several police officers around us. This shows that the other side feels as though they are invincible and are immune to repercussions for their actions because they feel comfortable assaulting a female while there are several police officers around.

You are a member of Young Conservatives of Texas (YCT) AND Turning Point USA. In your experience, are conservative students on campus singled out or discriminated against by the University of Houston’s administration?

I definitely believe that conservatives are treated differently than others on campus. When we hosted Ann Coulter as a speaker, the university wanted our club (Young Conservatives of Texas) to pay for a room where protestors could gather. When we hosted Matt Walsh, the school wanted us to pay for our own security even though the university is supposed to cover those fees. YCT submitted a form to advertise the Matt Walsh event in the student center on a digital advertising screen, but the university only put it up for a day and never put it back on. YCT also put flyers up around the school to advertise the Matt Walsh event but the flyers were torn down by students repeatedly and no one was held accountable. We even found out that some faculty from the university were planning to walk out during the Matt Walsh event but were eventually talked out of it. And finally, YCT had the room rented out until 10:30pm but the university kicked us out an hour early, which meant the crowd was only able to ask Matt Walsh three questions during the Q&A session. A lot of people who attended were angry that the speaker’s time was cut short.

Many conservative students self-censor their political views on campus. But you have found a way to speak freely at the University of Houston. Do you have any advice for students who are afraid to share their viewpoints or join political groups on campus?

I was once that kid who was scared to share my ideas and beliefs. I eventually realized that being scared to speak out gives the other side more power and makes them look as if they run the world. I would like to remind other conservative students that they are not alone. Once you speak out, many doors will open for you and it will allow you to find

other like-minded people on campus. For people who are scared or hesitant to join a political club, I would tell them that it has been the best decision I’ve made in college. Joining political groups allows you to make friends who share your values and assures you that you are not alone in the fight. It creates so many opportunities for you such as meeting politicians and traveling to conventions. Also, remember that if we are not the ones to speak out, then who will?

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