Cherise Trump

Executive Director

Cherise Trump is Speech First’s Executive Director. Cherise brings extensive experience working directly with college students to Speech First, thanks to her time spent serving as program manager of the Alexander Hamilton Society. Previously, Cherise has worked at the Heritage Foundation as their associate director of coalition relations. Cherise is also the host of Speech First’s new live show and podcast, Well Said, where she interviews experts, activists, professors, and students about free speech, higher education, and American culture. Over the past years Cherise has participated in a number of fellowships and advanced programs such as the James Madison Fellowship at Hillsdale College, the Publius Fellowship at the Claremont Institute, and has participated in multiple Hertog Foundation programs. She earned her master’s degree in security studies from Georgetown University where she was a Rumsfeld Graduate Fellow and earned her bachelor’s degree from George Mason University. Her articles have appeared in The American Conservative, The Washington Examiner, Washington Times, Daily Signal, Newsweek, and Townhall. She has made a number of tv, radio, and podcast appearances to discuss the state of free speech on college campuses.

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