Free speech on campuses (The Messenger)- A letter to the editor

To the editor:

There have been several writings in the Opinion page of The Messenger regarding the loss of freedom of speech on certain university campuses. Each of the writings provided insight into the loss of the freedom to express oneself on some campuses if you are a conservative in your political ideology. Conservatives have had their speeches drowned out by activists, and in some cases canceled altogether, because some students have gotten their feelings hurt, or some similar reason. Understand that those having their feelings hurt may not in fact represent the majority of the students. We have come to know that many conservatives, particularly Republican conservatives, are afraid to express their views for fear of retribution not only by vocal radical student activists, but by their professors, and indeed by administrators. Any who have attended a higher education class know very well what hold a professor has on you.

The Messenger prints on the Opinion page the “First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution” that states in part that“Congress shall make no law. … or abridging the freedom of speech …” Colleges and universities, and even some high schools, are doing what Congress has not done – suppress a very basic American freedom.

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