Out of Control Student Governments Discriminate Against Pro-Israel Groups, Compel BDS Support

Critics of cancel culture on college campuses are quick to point blame at university leadership when students are demonized for expressing a “controversial” opinion- and these administrators usually play a leading role. But little is discussed about how student leaders are canceling their own peers who have differing viewpoints through overreaching student government associations (SGAs).

Some of these groups even threaten loss of privileges if the dissenting student doesn’t fall in line. One such association at Pomona College unanimously passed a resolution in April that would require all clubs on campus to support and participate in the Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions (BDS) movement against Israel in order to receive club funding. When questions were raised among the student body, the Associated Students at Pomona College (ASPC) tabled the issue, opened it to discussion, and ultimately was not able to pass the resolution in its original form- and instead passed a modified version requiring only the student government members to participate and support the BDS movement.

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