Bias Bills: The College Cost Racket

I often hear complaints about the exorbitant cost of college and the lack of jobs that follow graduation. As a student that didn’t pursue a highly useful degree, I completely understand. My public relations diploma sits on a mantel collecting dust, while I use skills that I developed in school to get me through my work week. But the cost of college isn’t always about high teacher salaries and new buildings. A lot of times it has more to do with bias.

Enter the University of Michigan, not to be confused with Michigan State University, former home to Larry Nassar. U of M has a little department on campus called their “bias response team” where offenses like speaking your mind could get you in hot water. I imagine their enforcement officers dress like the cop from The Village People and blow an imaginary whistle every time they see bias, implicit or otherwise. I’m certainly not the first person to complain about college censorship, hell the show I did on college radio practically was about fighting the ways a bureaucracy could make you be quiet.

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