University Of Michigan Sued For ‘Un-American’ Speech Codes

A free speech nonprofit sued the University of Michigan Tuesday for what its president termed an “un-American” bias response team operated by the school.

Speech First sued the school over its policy banning “bullying” and “harassment,” ramping up penalties for students committing these acts with “bias,” according to a press release obtained by The Daily Caller News Foundation. The University of Michigan’s bias response team has investigated over 150 incidents of “bias” since April 2017, the nonprofit reported.

“Speech codes like Michigan’s flagrantly violate the First Amendment,” Speech First President Nicole Neily said. “Moreover, a bias response system has no place in America, much less on a modern-day college campus. Because it’s impossible to know what comments might be ‘perceived’ by others as offensive, students don’t contribute to conversations and debates, ask questions, write papers, or invite speakers they might otherwise. This is not a real educational experience, and Michigan students deserve better.”

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