Univ. of Mich. Housing Staff Can’t Censor Speech on Dorm Doors

The new policy comes after a watchdog group that supports free speech on college campuses filed a lawsuit against the university.

Staff overseeing University of Michigan housing facilities have been ordered not to remove anything written on students’ doors, even if it contains hate speech.

The new requirement comes after Speech First, a watchdog group that supports free speech on college campuses, filed a lawsuit against the school’s Bias Response Team in May 2018, claiming it limited students’ abilities to freely express themselves, reports Michigan Daily.

“We have multiple members of the organization at the University,” said Speech First President Nicole Neily. “The University of Michigan also has a combination of a very bad speech code that is very vague, a very active bias response team that is very proud of its achievements because it keeps a log and we have numbers there, though not all were listed in the complaint. These were the three things we needed.”

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