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SPEECH FIRST and INDEPENDENT WOMEN’S LAW CENTER Call on Department of Education Not to Use COVID-19 Crisis as an Excuse to Delay Due Process Rights of Students

WASHINGTON, D.C – Speech First joined Independent Women’s Law Center on Wednesday in calling on the Department of Education to issue long-awaited regulations formalizing the obligations of schools to investigate claims of sexual assault and harassment on campus and clarifying the rights of all students.

Speech First President and Founder Nicole Neily:

“Students who are currently caught up in Title IX adjudications should not be forced to wait any longer for clarity on their cases. Indeed, all stakeholders in America’s institutions of higher education—from students and parents to faculty and administrators —deserve a just system, and they deserve it now.

“At a time when the COVID-19 pandemic has created much uncertainty in the education community, the Department can provide clarity with respect to Title IX by issuing the regulations as soon as possible.”

Independent Women’s Law Center Director Jennifer Braceras:

“Universities must not be allowed to hide behind this pandemic as an excuse for violating the due process rights of the accused.”

Read the full letter HERE.


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