The Morning Blaze with Doc Thompson: Republicans or “Republicans”, Marines Attacked, & Nicki Neily

The Morning Blaze Topics:

Hour 1 New Way California is a group of “republicans” trying to turn California red… Some things you just don’t buy used, like a casket… Eytan Morgenstern from ZORE talks to us about Facebook keeping them from advertising their lock for a firearm… The terminator real?

Hour 2 Walmart following the steps of Dick’s Sporting Goods… 18 year old can kill someone, but can’t drink a beer?… Other hunting and sports good stores going to follow Walmart?… Nicki Neily is trying to bring equal free speech to campuses with… Trump wants to take guns before due process.

Hour 3 Jason Buttrill joins the show to talk about the marines who were attacked at a Virginia base… We can’t be too concerned about feelings… CNN covers kids while no coverage was on the marine attack… Sara Gonzales talks about Walmart, Jeff Sessions and Trump.

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