The Free Speech Group that’s about to ‘Flood the Zone’

 Speech First is determined to be a thorn in the side of a lot of universities. The group, which is dedicated to protecting students’ free speech rights, is only three months old and its president (and so far lone employee), Nicole Neily, says it already has 1,000 mostly dues-paying members. Dues are $5.

— It’s already filed one high-profile lawsuit — working with the law firm that is suing Harvardover its affirmative action policies — against the University of Michigan. And it’s planning to sue at least three more schools by year’s end. “We’re going to flood the zone,” Neily told Morning Education. She said she wants to be the first to successfully challenge a university’s bias response teams, and the chilling effect she says they have on campus speech. Speech First is working with Consovoy McCarthy Park PLLC, a law firm that has sued both Harvard and the University of North Carolina over their admissions policies. Neily said the firm “would prefer that I not discuss our financial agreement.” She wouldn’t disclose donor information.

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Support Speech First

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