Lawsuit charges Univ. of Michigan squelches free speech with ‘bias response teams’

Bias Reporting Systems

Speech First, a nonprofit group dedicated to free speech, has filed a lawsuit against the University of Michigan for chastising students with speech codes that the group regards as “unconstitutional” and “un-American.”  The group filed the suit in federal court on Tuesday with the claim that the definition the public institution uses for harassment and bullying, as referenced in the student conduct code, is vague and restricts speech. Speech First is alleging that since April 2017 there have been 150 incidents reported involving posters, classroom behavior, social media, verbal comment, and fliers that have merited a response from UM administrators and its Bias Response Team.

Three unnamed current University of Michigan students are party to the lawsuit. Speech First is a membership group that consists primarily of students, alumni and students’ family members.

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