Law schools are the new front lines in free speech wars

April 8, 2022

“The incident at Yale Law school is indicative of what happens when the woke-mob-undergraduates we hear so much about finally graduate and begin their post-graduate studies,” Cherise Trump told the Washington Examiner, noting the history of high-profile protests and activism that have led to numerous speaker cancellations and even riots on college campuses in recent years.

The Yale incident, Trump said, is a telltale sign that the progressive intolerance found on campuses is not constrained to the university quad and has led to believe that tactics such as shouting down speakers lead to positive results.

“We must remind ourselves that what happens on campus does not stay on campus,” she said. “The Yale Law school incident evidences that students’ totalitarian ambitions are not tempered by the realities of a new chapter in their life. Additionally, their undergrad experience has done little much to teach them otherwise.”

Read more here at the Washington Examiner.

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