First Amendment Lawsuit Challenges U.T.-Austin’s Prohibition of Speech That Is ‘Offensive,’ ‘Biased,’ ‘Uncivil,’ or ‘Rude’

“Student A,” a freshman at the University of Texas at Austin, is a self-described “Tea Party conservative” who “strongly supports Israel, believes in a race-blind society, supports President Trump, is pro-life, and supports the border wall.”

“Student B,” a U.T.-Austin sophomore who “considers himself a libertarian,” “strongly supports the Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms, believes in a race-blind society, and has serious concerns that the ‘Me Too’ movement will erode due process.”

“Student C,” a U.T.-Austin freshman who “believes that the breakdown of the nuclear family has had many negative effects on society,” is “strongly prolife,” “strongly supports the Second Amendment,” and “believes that Justice Kavanaugh was treated unfairly during his confirmation proceedings.”

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