Colleges Cracking Down on Free Speech: A Threat to Democracy Itself?

WASHINGTON – College campuses are historically safe places for free speech. But many of those so-called homes of higher learning are bowing to censorship.

Free speech advocates warn the growing movement to shut down certain speakers and opinions on college campuses threatens First Amendment rights.

Berkeley was ripped up in February 2017 by rioters who didn’t want a commentator from the conservative Breitbart website to speak on campus.

Student Mob Causes Concussion, Whiplash

In March 2017, angry students at Vermont’s Middlebury campus shouted down and turned their backs on controversial author Charles Murray, who some label a racist.

Then Middlebury Professor Allison Stanger was assaulted as she helped Murray push through a student mob.

“I suffered a concussion and whiplash,” Stanger told CBN News. “Somebody pulled my hair and body-slammed me in the opposite direction.”

Fury broke out again at Berkeley but didn’t stop conservative firebrand Ben Shapiro from speaking there in September 2017.

Verbiage = Violence, So Revenge Justified

He told CBN News, “There’s an enormous group of people on the Left who now identify verbiage with violence. They identify words with violence.”

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