Ben Carson: It is past time for American academia to reject DEI


June 3, 2024

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion initiatives, or DEI, and their cousin, Critical Race Theory (CRT), hold that race is the fundamental defining attribute of the human person, and therefore our studies, interests and priorities should thus center around race as a concept.

This destructive ideology has overtaken America’s elite institutions, and nowhere is that more evident than on our college and university campuses. According to a new report by advocacy group “Speech First,” two-thirds of colleges require DEI-related classes to graduate, making such left-wing coursework mandatory for a diploma. This shift toward political activism has come with costs that we see everywhere: out-of-control campus protests, violence and suppression of free speech on campus, radical left-wing activism and a decline in quality as our schools value diversity over merit.

Read more here at the Baltimore Sun.

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