5 lawsuits that could bring major change to higher ed

There’s some evidence to back up the group’s claims. While the Asian population in the U.S. is more than twice the size of what is was in the 1990s, the share of Asian freshmen at Harvard has consistently hovered between 16% and 19%, according to The New Yorker. Moreover, an internal Harvard review found its admissions process had “negative effects” on Asian-American applicants.

However, some argue that the architect of the lawsuit, Edward Blum, is merely using Asian-American students to achieve his long-running goal of ending affirmative action in all corners of the U.S.

Blum was also behind a high-profile affirmative action case that wound its way to the Supreme Court. Centered on a white woman named Abigail Fisher, the lawsuit alleged that the University of Texas at Austin unfairly denied her admission to the school because of the color of her skin.

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