Speech First v. Whitten et al.

May 29, 2024

Recent Activity: May 29th, 2024: Filed Speech First v. Whitten et al.

Case Launched: May 29th, 2023 (United States District Court for the Sothern District of Indiana, Indianapolis Division)

Issues Being Challenged:

  • Bias Incidents Policy

“Indiana University has a history of hostility towards views that dissent from the dominant ideology that rules their administration and faculty. From sabotaging student events, to undermining student attempts to provide alternative views to their peers, IU has operated unchecked for too long.

Indiana taxpayers should be furious that their hard-earned dollars are funding a tyrannical administration that has taken a page out of the playbook of history’s most oppressive regimes. IU’s Bias Response Team encourages students to report on their peers anonymously if they so much as question the prevailing dogma. The University is well aware their Bias Incident Policy will inevitably lead to student self-censorship and the elimination of dissenting ideas. This is not only an unconstitutional abuse of government power, but it goes against the core principles America was founded on. Students have a right to express their opinion without fear of retaliation. Students shouldn’t face disciplinary sanctions for simply expressing their views, asking questions, or challenging their peers’ assumptions. Speech First is suing IU to defend the rights of our student members and to eliminate these policies that chill, deter, and silence students’ speech.”

-Cherise Trump, Executive Director, Speech First

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