Travel Scholarship

If you’d like to apply for a travel scholarship to attend an educational conference that supports student rights, please submit a 300 word essay that includes the name of the conference and an explanation of how attending will further your interest in or understanding of free speech on campus. Scholarships up to $100 per student will be awarded for conferences including (but not limited to) the Federalist Society National Lawyers’ Convention, LibertyCon, FEECon, Young Americans for Liberty regional & national summits, and the State Policy Network annual conference.

Essays will be evaluated on a rolling basis. If you have any questions, please email them to

Due to COVID-19, we know that college students across the country are dealing with canceled classes, student housing complications, and an uncertain reality of what higher education will look like moving forward. Our thoughts and well wishes are with our Speech First members during this difficult time. We stand ready to support students as we figure out together what speech will look like on campuses after we move past this health crisis.
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