REPORT: Free Speech in the Crosshairs: Bias Reporting on College Campuses

Bias Response Teams

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This in-depth report shines a powerful light on Bias Reporting Systems (BRSs) and their elaborate schemes designed to:

  • silence dissenters
  • stifle open dialogue
  • encourage students to turn informant on speech they deem unacceptable

Bias Reporting Systems are university teams or procedures designed to 1) solicit 2) receive 3) investigate and 4) respond to reports of “bias incidents” or other similar speech at their institutions.

Our report examines a total of 821 higher education institutions. That number includes 441 private schools (23% of all private four-year colleges in the U.S.), and 380 public schools (49% of all public four-year colleges in the U.S.).

In our report, you will find:

  • Common, dangerously broad definitions of what universities say constitutes a “bias incident”;
  • Practical ways to confront and address the dangerous effects of BRSs, at both the individual college/university and the national levels;
  • A complete list of every university in our survey that maintains a BRS, along with links to their respective web pages;
  • And much, much more!

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